We design interfaces, services, product pages, apps, presentations, booklets, identity and all what can be designed. Design-supporting of the client's business.

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National Park

Pass system

Pass system for Pribaikalsky National Park

Kenozero National park site

Smartz identityIdentity

We developed a logo and an identity of the project. Designed a bunch of media: business cards, stickers, t-shirts, leaflets,.. We designed social networks and prepared graphic content for publications. All Packed in a media kit.

April–August 2018

Water monitoring system
in reservoirs

Water monitoring system in reservoirs

Curation net­work site

The Cura­tion network is a show­case of the decent­ra­li­zed Inter­net. Here eve­ry­one will find answers to the ques­ti­ons: “What can I do with block­chain?”, “What is the best Ethe­reum wallet for Andr­oid?” or “Which private blockchain I should use?”

July–August 2018


app and page

Credentia app and page

Identity and site for Podorozhnik

Product page for Autoportal

5 projects

Smart contract management service

iClub site

iClub site

iClub allows par­tici­pa­ting jointly in pre­sales and private sales of pro­jects at the ICO stage. The web­site tells about service, informs on future and shows the sta­tuses of the cur­rent sales.

November 2017 – January 2018


4 projects

Search service for copy­writers and trans­lators


landing page

Criptopago landing page

The ser­vice con­nects both crypto­cur­rency and fiat money. It allows buyers to pay for goods and ser­vices with crypto­cur­rency and allows busi­ness owners to receive money to the plas­tic in any cur­rency.

November 2017 – January 2018

of exhaust systems

Website-page of exhaust systems Weso

Proaction identity

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