This text separates the flag and blocks below. One day it will briefly and capacitively describe who the Artdictators are.

Design, front-end
and other

Design-artel Artdictators designs everything that can be designed. We participate at every stage of product creation. Ourselves do a front-end.

  1. We design inter­faces, servi­ces, book­lets, logos, iden­tity, web­sites, pic­tures, docu­men­tation, pre­sen­ta­tions, busi­ness cards, sto­res, pro­duct pages, sti­ckers, stands, apps, games,..
  2. We are very good at inter­face deve­loping.
  3. Inter­faces and sites are live systems. They should be com­for­table and effec­tive on a million-inch moni­tor and on a miсro­scopic phone. Only close work of the designer and front-end gives a steep result. There­fore, we design our­selves and create an inter­face.
  4. We parti­ci­pate at every stage of pro­duct crea­tion. Toge­ther with prog­ram­mers we design and test. We work with printing houses, we select mate­rials, we manage prin­ting process.
  5. When deve­lo­ping complex software pro­ducts, we work with prog­ram­ming part­ners.

The absolutely new company
with rich past

Design-artel Artdictators has 15 years of experience in creating the design. Our company is founded today. We are experienced, bold, young, strong, passionate about we do, successful designers.

  1. We work with large and small busi­nesses, start-ups, facto­ries and IT compa­nies.
  2. We have done many awe­some pro­jects, but the best are still ahead.
  3. Our credo—to work, as if we are have based today. We value our expe­ri­ence, but we are cons­tantly expe­ri­men­ting and looking for a new.
  4. We design, because we can not help but design.

Further we will tell about the clients, how we cooperate and about the complex design service.


in Telegram and stay tuned.